Middle managers who have the capacity to be highly successful often require further support to develop to their potential. Unfortunately, organizational and non-organizational pressures exist that can have a negative impact on their productivity levels, as well as on the performance of those around them. The manager’s team, supervisor, and organization depend on the individual manager navigating these pressures well. In other words, a manager needs to exercise good judgment to ensure success.

Program Description

Morrison Associates has developed an individual assessment and development program specifically tailored to address the needs of such employees. Based on their experience analyzing the components of good judgment, the Morrison team assesses the strengths and weaknesses of these managers. The half-day consultation begins with objective testing aimed to assess personality and general problem solving skills. This testing is followed by in-depth interviews that serve to gain additional understanding of the manager’s experiences, successes, and concerns. At the end of the day, the interactive dialog between the manager and his or her consultation team identifies key strengths and weaknesses that are employed to create an individualized developmental plan. This plan outlines actionable steps that build on the day’s discoveries.

In order to sustain the momentum created from the assessment day, a meeting is held between the manager, his or her supervisor, and the manager’s lead consultant. Actionable steps for future development are identified and clarified. These steps frequently highlight areas on which the manager and supervisor will focus for the remainder of the year. Ongoing support from the consultant is available for both the manager and supervisor as needed.

Program Benefits

The benefits of the Critical Strengths Assessment include the following:

  • Objective assessment of the managers strengths and vulnerabilities;
  • Better judgment, as the client learns how to leverage his or her own strengths, while compensating for weaknesses;
  • Greater productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness;
  • Targeted areas for change within an action plan; and
  • Heightened awareness and dialog between manager and supervisor.

Given the right tools and support, people are capable of remarkable change and personal growth. Since 1976, over 2100 professionals have benefited from our Assessments and Consultations.