Our Clients' Words

Our clients come back to us.  They return for the observations we offer and the solutions we propose.  Insight, advice, and product.

While actions speak louder than words, we’ve received some great feedback too!  A small sample of what our clients have to say about us:

The hallmark of Morrison Associates, apart from their steadfast integrity, is the flexibility to address, design and execute educational, developmental and cultural interventions unique to your strategic leadership needs.

Rick Anicetti, President and CEO

Food Lion, LLC
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What sets Morrison Associates apart from the pack is the depth of understanding and analysis that they bring to the equation. Too often, companies engage with under-qualified and over-promising resources, leaving unrealistic goals with little chance of execution in their wake. With Morrison Associates’ assistance, our team assembled a working framework for managing change in our company and in our industry, giving us the tools and resources we needed to manage through new situations, not just react to existing ones.

The things I have gained personally from my interaction with your team are invaluable to me. I have a much better understanding of why I react the way I do to things in my world, and the adjustments your team has helped me learn to make are as crucial to my career and my personal well-being as eyeglasses are to my vision.

Tom Olivieri, Managing Director

The PrivateBank

There are a lot of organizations with canned programs. They have only one trick pony they ride.  But you step in and understand the needs of the business and the needs of the leaders. You then customize and tailor a dynamic experience that fits the situation.

Cathy Green, Chief Operating Officer

Food Lion, LLC

Morrison Associates’ work with a senior lawyer was a critical intervention.  This attorney is a high potential young executive who needed to make some significant changes in his management style.  Your team helped him make the changes at a time when his work was critical to the needs of the General Counsel’s office.

Ron Soiefer, General Counsel

Unilever North America

The process helped me in many ways, but one of the most important for me was an important change in style.  I learned I do well with ambiguity and that many do not.  I changed my approach to people and problems.  My and my team’s effectiveness improved.  On a general level, I am now more focused and manage my stressors better because of the comprehensive understanding I gained.  It was done in a non-threatening, supportive way which allowed for a frank discussion about ethics and values.  This I found very unburdening.

Owen R. Youngman

Chicago Tribune Publishing

 As the months have passed, I am beginning to apply what I have learned.  The most important thing I received from this process is an ability to leverage those around me who are there for support.  Specific recommendations helped me have conversations with people in my life which were more healthy and supportive.  It helped me manage the angry, disappointing feelings about having to do it all, but at the same time, not feeling comfortable letting anyone help me.  I no longer feel this pattern is true.

Carol Herndon, Vice President

Information Technology, Food Lion

I still quote you on what is ‘hard’ and what is ‘soft’ in business.  People are hard, but also the most rewarding.

Michael Murray

President, (retired) Bank of America

People are the most important and the most complicated resource the organization must manage.  They make organizations work and they can keep organizations from working.  Every CEO understands and struggles with this dilemma.  Morrison Associates is a unique resource providing the understanding, which can be used to make the difference.  The work they have done over the years has been a key part of their client’s successes.  The true measure of the teacher is found in the accomplishments of the pupils.  It is a privilege to be part of the class.

Jesse Elliott

EVP and CAO, (retired) Sanwa Business Credit Corporation

Being able to so quickly build what seems to have been an accurate personality/character profile of me was a pleasant surprise. The self-awareness has already helped me in the workplace.

David Fullerton

Senior Managing Director, (retired) Bank America Securities, Bank of America

Understanding how my management style affects the needs of my management team has enabled us to come together as a highly effective unit. My impact on their collective style was very revealing.

John Rodelli

Executive Vice President, (retired) Bank of America